Ilja Dragunov vs Robbie X - a special look


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Ilja Dragunov vs Robbie X - a special look

We return to Rushcliffe Arena in Nottingham on Saturday the 16th of March - and whilst the card is once again packed with some of the most exciting young and imported talent from the world over - our headlining match is absolutely not something you want to miss. Ilja Dragunov and Robbie X are looking to leave one another black and blue, when they meet face to face in a Wrestle Gate ring.

This isn’t a dream match, as much as a match you never knew you needed. If you’re not overly familiar with either of the competitors in the match - we’ll run down a few of the things you need to know.

Dragunov resides in Germany - and has been a stalwart main event fixture there for a good amount of time now - with classic matches under his belt with the likes of Bad Bones, and NXT UK superstar Walter. Dragunov prides himself on being “Unbesiegbar” - or to you and I, invincible. Being brutally honest, you’d think he actually is with the way he nonchalantly launches himself through the air in to his opponents, and at full pelt no less. Ilja’s combat style is based around building up and using his momentum to deliver increasingly severe blows. He’s frantic, mad, and not overly concerned for his own safety.

Robbie X is just as intense a competitor, but for very different reasons. Frequenting plenty of independent promotions the country over, and even appearing as one of the stars of ITV’s recent World Of Sport Wrestling - Robbie X might not be the physically largest competitor - but it’s not always the size of the dog in the fight. Whilst Dragunov’s strikes and kicks seem to gradually rise in intensity over time - Robbie X can go from naught to sixty faster than a one count. Perhaps akin to an over-shaken can of soda, Robbie X can erupt out of the corner with near explosive force - delivering a quick strike to his foe before they’ve even had chance to process what’s going on. If he wasn’t already ridiculous enough, he’s also an incredibly skilled high-flyer - so don’t expect Dragunov to be safe anywhere around the ring.

Of course, we’ve also got a great selection of other bouts set to take place at Enter The Dragons. The incredibly talented Mills and Mayhew take on Addicted 2 Adrenaline, whilst Ricky Knight Jr is set to stand across the ring from British wrestling legend Jody Fleisch. Chris Ridgeway and Sean Kustom face Japanese stars Konosuke Takeshita and Eita respectively - and we’ve got four-way action with Gisele Shaw, Jamie Hayter, Sadie Gibbs and Shax.

Wrestle Gate Pro - Enter The Dragons takes place on Saturday the 16th of March at Nottingham’s Rushcliffe Arena - tickets for the show are still available, as are entry passes for our separately priced meet & greet - the only way to meet the stars of the show. Head on over to the event page and book your tickets now.

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